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Maintenance Engineering's Premium Quality Lumi-Twist Compact Fluorescent lamp can save you up to 83% in energy savings and last 24 months!

Maintenance Engineering's Lumi-Twist, compact fluorescent lamps premium quality construction includes a balanced spectrum by using rare earth phosphors, these special phospors improve color rendition and light output. Rare Earth Extended Life Phosphors stay brighter longer, and have minimal color shift over their lifetime. Our high temperature rated electronics are designed for long life and are rated for commercial and industrial applications. Maintenance Engineering's internal electronic ballast has a soft start design, which extends lamp life. By replace an incandescent lamp with a Lumi-Twist you can save up to 83% on your electric bill.

Lumi-Twist CFL
Globe CFL
Candelabra CFL
Twin 2 Pin CFL
Quad 2 Pin CFL
Quad 4 Pin CFL
Triple 4 Pin CFL
High Lumen 4 Pin CFL
Safety Coated CFL
Cold Cathode CFL
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