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MEBULBS's XTREME DUTY™ HYBRID Fluorescent Lamps have a 15 year guarantee! Our fluorescents are just like working under natural sunlight. With Full Spectrum color, our Xtrabrite lamps are the brightest, whitest lamps in the industry.

MEBULBS's high standard of premium quality construction can be found in all our fluorescent lamps. MEBULBS offers a line of Earth-safe lamps that are TCLP compliant, which means they meet the federal government standards for low mercury content. The most popular MEBULBS lamps are the Alpinewite Xtrabrite fluorescents. These lamps can be identified by their Gold Endcaps, this Gold Endcap differentiates it from standard lamps. Brass Pins are used for their ability to create a positive electrical contact. Every lamp is enhanced with a silicone coating, which improves lamp starting. The cathode guard shield reduces end blackening and extends cathode life saving replacement costs. A special mercury release capsule is filled with premeasured and triple distilled mercury to insure long life. The lamps are made using color balanced phosphors that will reduce glare and minimize light loss.

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