Move into the 21st century with MEBULBS / Maintenance Engineering's L.E.D.'s

Maintenance Engineering's Xtreme Duty L.E.D. Lamps use cutting-edge hi-output LEDs, which save up to 85% energy. Maintenance Engineering offers these LED lamps in the Vitalux Xtrabriteâ„¢ color. These lamps are whiter & brighter, and instant-on full brightness, when compared to standard LED lamps. Our LED lamps are also mercury free, and have no UV output. Maintenance Engineering's Premira LED lamps have a detailed design & construction, which ensures a premium quality, long lasting lamp.

LED Direct Install Lamps
LED Par Lamp
LED BR Reflector
LED General Service
LED MR 16 GU10
LED MR16 Bi Pin
LED Decorative
LED Exit Retrofit
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