L.E.D. BR Reflector

LED BR Reflector

MEBULBS L.E.D. BR-Reflector lamps are designed for Xtreme Duty and are guaranteed up to 10 years!

Standard LED Reflector lamps common problems are Old Techology, Poor Color, Glare and Eyestain, and Short Life. Standard LEDs found in most big-box stores are cheaper, outdated designs that use several-generation-old LEDs, providing lower efficiency and lose light quickly. They were designed primarily for the residential market. They typically provide a dim, yellow light to look like the incandescents in homes, but that light color makes it hard to see, and has poor color representation. Many cheap LEDs have exposed LEDs which creates glare and eyestrain, as well as a poor beam pattern, not good for general lighting.

Standard Incandescent Reflector lamps provide poor light, waste energy, and are short life.

MEBULBS Xtreme Duty LED BR-Reflector lamps feature cutting edge Xtrabrite LEDs with LEP™ technology. These LEDs are up to twice as bright as LED lamps that are a few generations old. We use super long-life LEDs with High Brightness that provide Xtrabrite light that is whiter and brighter.

It’s LED design provides up to 83% Energy Savings compared to traditional incandescents. They are also fully dimmable, with the ability to dim to 10%. They operate off most standard wall dimmers (analog/triac).

Additionally, they give off virtually no projected heat, no UV output, are damp location rated, are mercury free, have nickel-plated bases that don’t seize up in the socket over the years, and provide up to 40 times the life of standard incandescents. That translates into huge labor savings (39 less trips up and down the ladder to replace bulbs).

Standard Incandescent reflectors can burn out as early as 3 months. Standard LED reflectors can fail as early as 12 months. MEBULBS Xtreme Duty LED BR-Reflector lamps are guaranteed up to 10 years in commercial/industrial applications.

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