You don’t need to retrofit your entire lighting system to experience a premium glow. A21 incandescent bulbs from MEBULBS™ maximize traditional light technology by using the most advanced design and construction. A-shape light bulbs are the ones most people think of when discussing lighting, with A21 bulbs typically offering higher wattages than the more common A19 bulbs. Here you’ll find several styles of A21 replacement lamps that screw right into your existing sockets. We have Super Rough Service bulbs designed to resist vibrations, three-way lamps with multiple wattages, Safety-Coat™ lamps that contain broken glass and Lazr Beam™ lamps for traffic signals.

All of our A21 industrial incandescent lights are made to address the most common complaints about standard lamps. These light bulbs are known for being inefficient and lasting as little as one month with everyday use. They also lose light quickly and are prone to vibrations. We have designed incandescent A21 bulbs that use a nitrogen-argon gas fill to improve brightness and a brass base to reduce corrosion and freezing. Nine Vibra-Shok® filament supports, along with a steel spring arbor in bulbs that are 100 watts or more, give it more strength for high-stress areas. The safety-coated versions are covered in a special material that meets all national safety standards. Teflon coating is also available for high-heat areas.

Our fully dimmable general service A21 light bulbs, three-way light bulbs and traffic signal bulbs come in both clear and frost tints to give exactly the right atmosphere to any room. They are guaranteed to last for a full year, meaning fewer trips up on the ladder or in the bucket truck to replace them. These bulbs are a solid solution for anyone who needs more efficient lighting but is on a limited replacement budget. Choose a wattage rating to see what sizes, styles and tints are available, or contact our staff to speak with someone who knows lighting back to front and top to base.