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Preheat F13T5 lamps from MEBULBS™ are the economical way to light up display cases, modeling areas, and coves on desktops. Designed for modern rapid start and programmed start fixtures in addition to traditional preheat fixtures, these 21-inch T5 fluorescent tubes are designed to heat up the cathodes whenever a manual or automatic starter is activated. While it takes several seconds for the lights to “warm up” and start as a result, this gentler starting method is shown to produce a longer bulb life than instant start lamps. This is especially true in situations where lights are turned on and off more frequently, making them an ideal choice for office buildings and plants that aren’t open around the clock.

Beneath this difference in starting technique, F13T5 fluorescents have the same advanced design as our other top-quality linear lamps. Xtreme Duty™ lighting is designed to burn brighter while lasting longer than what you find at a big box store. Unlike standard lamps that have a dim yellow light and significant light loss over time, our T5 fluorescent lamps start bright and stay brighter thanks to Xtrabrite™ technology. This proprietary design increases color accuracy and visual comfort with minimal lumen loss. These lights are also better for the environment thanks to an alumina oxide coating that reduces mercury sorption. And while lower-level fluorescents can burn out in three months, our T5 preheat bulbs come with a five-year warranty.

MEBULBS has been dedicated to premium lighting that saves businesses money since 1974, and our F13T5 lamps are manufactured to exact specifications so they can do just that for your organization. We have bulbs in multiple color temperatures that are made using the best materials to reduce energy and replacement costs. We carry T5 preheat lamps in other sizes as well, so whatever size fixtures you have, you can take advantage of the highest-value industrial lights around. Call us today to learn more about our fluorescents that start better, last longer and look more impressive.