We offer a range of bulbs and light fixtures at various price points, including a selection of ballasts. Our Xtreme Duty™ line includes fluorescent ballasts for 4-foot T8 or T12 lamps, with industrial-grade warranties ranging from 15 to 50 years. We also stock core and coil ballasts for HID lamps, such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide. The core and coil ballast kit includes essential components like the starter, igniter, and mounting hardware.

MEBULBS Instant Start Fluorescent Ballast Styles

Instant start ballasts provide high voltage when switched on, using less energy than rapid start ballasts. They are reliable in temperatures as low as 0° Fahrenheit.

Understanding the MEBULBS™ Product Lines

Since 1974, MEBULBS has offered industry expertise and quality lighting for every budget. Our three product lines cater to home, commercial, and industrial applications. The residential line rivals big box store offerings, while the commercial grade is designed for reliable daily use in businesses like retail facilities and restaurants. The Xtreme Duty line is for businesses seeking top-notch products with long-term warranties. If you need assistance finding the right products, our expert team is ready to help—just give us a call.