MR16 - 12 Volt

Find the highest-quality MR16 low voltage halogen lamps for your lighting needs at MEBULBS™. Multifaceted reflector bulbs are a compact and efficient form of lighting for retail displays, recessed ceiling lights, landscapes, stage lights and other commercial uses. Our halogen MR16 bulbs come in a number of styles that are all manufactured to specifications set by our leading engineers. We carry both open face MR16 lamps and glass face reflector bulbs in numerous wattages that emit the brighter, whiter light MEBULBS is known for. You can also get these lamps in several beam angles ranging from narrow spotlights up to wide floodlights.

Standard MR16 lamps have a number of problems that make them impractical for the demands of industrial and commercial lighting. Most have poor color and beam patterns that shift over time, and their lifespan is inconsistent at best. Our Xtreme Duty™ MR16 low voltage halogens combine Maxlight™ and Xtrabrite™ technologies to produce whiter light that lasts up to 12 times longer than big box store lamps. The axial filament creates an optimal beam for recessed and track lighting. Other features include a multi-mirror dichroic reflector that resists color changes and significantly reduces heat. There is also a safety-shield face for safer operation and less chance of shattering from accidents.

Many of our MR16 halogens come in a 3100K color temperature for a more dynamic lighting effect than regular multifaceted reflectors. Select models are also available in our HEARTH-GLO™ 2900K light that has a warmer, more inviting aura, along with KOLOR-KORRECT™ 4300K light that is perfect for showing off jewelry or fancy silverware. These lights come at an affordable price and save you money later in the form of reduced electricity bills and fewer replacements. We have industrial down to residential quality to fit your budget. Choose between open face or glass face MR16 lamps above to begin your search or contact our representatives with questions.