Residential Lighting

MEBULBS™ has long been at the forefront of efficient, high-quality lighting for industrial and commercial uses. But although homeowners don’t have the same budgets as businesses and municipalities, we think they still ought to have access to great lights as well. Our residential lighting section has a broad assortment of bulbs and fixtures for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, garages and other areas. These non-premium bulbs are based on the same technology as our premium bulbs but are designed for people who use their lights less often or don’t have as much money upfront. They are great for light commercial use as well if your business isn’t open as often as most.

With our residential light bulbs, your home will look brighter and more beautiful – and you won’t have to spend a small fortune on utilities every month. Find classic A19 lamps, reflectors, linear tubes, globe lamps and heat lamps to add just the right amount of visual acuity and atmosphere. Most styles are available in incandescent, fluorescent and LED designs that are better than the mass production lamps sold in big box stores. Our Xtreme Duty™ incandescent lamps use less energy than traditional general service while lasting up to 24 times longer, while Xtrabrite™ fluorescents and LEDs use the latest technology for whiter, brighter light in compatible fixtures while saving you numerous replacements.

Affordably-priced residential duty bulbs are perfect for use in regular residential light fixtures. But if you’re a heavier user, you can get commercial or even industrial bulbs for the home as well for prices that match their quality levels. There are countless combinations of wattages, color temperatures and tints available, so if you’re unsure what will best illuminate your home for years to come, contact a representative for expert guidance and solutions. We are committed to making sure everyone who wants lamps that save them money on energy and replacement costs can get them. For residential lighting manufactured under strict controls and specifications, choose MEBULBS today.