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Light Bulbs Incandescents A19 75W REPLACEMENT Shatterguard Coated medium 75A19 MW SG 12MW


Quality Indicator

Quality Indicator

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Annual Savings 9.46
  • Equivalent to 75
  • A19
  • 4 7/16 in. M.O.L.
  • 4% Reward $
$6.92 (USD)

Our Shatterguard incandescent bulbs are a smart lighting choice for a garage, outdoor environment or any location where there is a danger of breakage in a sensitive area. Silicone coating protects the glass from breakage. If it is broken, this coating contains the glass chards, keeping the surrounding area safe and free from contamination. This special bulb features five Vibrashok® filament supports that resist shock and vibration. Our Shatterguard bulbs are guaranteed for one year.

Shatterguard Bulb Features and Benefits

This Shatterguard bulb is an A19 incandescent lamp with special Shatterguard coating. It’s a 75-watt replacement bulb with a medium base. It features frosted glass and is part of our Xtreme Duty™ line, which is our premium high-end lighting collection. It’s designed for the toughest environments and includes a one-year warranty.

Shatter-Proof Bulb Applications

Garages and outdoor storage areas are the perfect places for the Shatterguard bulb. However, this special light bulb has many applications in locations where breakage is common, such as warehouses, shipping areas and storage rooms. It is especially valuable in sensitive locations where broken glass can pose an especially high safety hazard, or when glass shards might contaminate food products, medical products or other items. This makes shatter-resistant bulbs ideal for commercial kitchens, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, produce processing plants and other food or drug businesses.

Choose Your MEBULBS Product Line for the Best Value

With three distinct product lines, MEBULBS gives consumers a wide choice of lighting styles, qualities and costs. Our residential lighting collection is the least expensive, with lights and fixtures that are comparable to those found in big box stores, yet better quality and competitively priced. The commercial lighting products are one step up in cost and quality, and are suitable for public buildings, offices, retail stores, schools and other facilities that need a longer-lasting, higher-quality light. For the most challenging environments and industrial locations, there’s our Xtreme Duty product line. These light bulbs, fixtures and accessories are designed to meet the most rigorous requirements of industry, with extremely durable, long-lasting products and manufacturer’s warranties.

Our decades of lighting expertise make us uniquely qualified to provide you with knowledgeable guidance in choosing the right products to fit your needs and your budget.