MEBULBS™ has a variety of 4-pin plug-in CFLs for use in recessed lighting, emergency lighting, enclosed fixture lighting and other industrial applications. Quad-pin compact fluorescents work with electronic ballasts, and each wattage rating has a different base type, so they only fit in the fixtures they are designed for. Placing an incorrect bulb in a fixture can lead to shorter lifespans and lower-quality light, but you will never have to worry about this with a plug-in CFL. We offer both triple and quad 4-pin lighting that ranges from 50- to 200-watt incandescent equivalents for the brighter, whiter light your workplace demands.

These bulbs use the Premira® construction that has revolutionized fluorescent lighting quality. Your recessed can lights, track lights, pathway lights or entry lights will be up to 52 percent brighter than a standard CFL lamp of the same wattage. This is because of features such as Xtrabrite™ phosphors with an extended life design, which better imitates natural light without shifting colors over time. This unique construction doesn’t just give you better light – it makes that light last longer while using less energy. Some 4-pin CFLs last as little as three months, but Xtreme Duty™ compact fluorescents come with a three-year warranty. You’ll certainly appreciate spending 90 percent less time replacing bulbs!

Plug-in CFLs come in several different color temperatures so you can set the right accent lighting or mood for your purposes. Choose Hearth-Glo™ bulbs that are cozy and inviting, warm sunrise bulbs. For a more neutral tone, cool white lamps for a more vibrant feel or the brighter, whiter 5000K bulbs that are just like real sunlight. Our industrial construction CFLs can save you hundreds of dollars a year in operation and labor costs. While they are most effective in high-temperature areas, they will start in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning they can be used outdoors in all seasons. Order your CFLs today from a company known for producing better lighting!