T5 Preheat

Find the highest-quality T5 preheat fluorescent lamps when you shop at MEBULBS™. The T5 is already the most efficient form of fluorescent lighting, and our engineers have fine-tuned it to be even more powerful and longer-lasting. These mini bi-pin linear tubes work by heating the gas inside them when you flick the starter, turning on within a few seconds without flickering. This start method leads to longer lifespans than instant-start fluorescents, while also being reliable in temperatures down to freezing. Preheat T5 fluorescents are also more likely to be compatible with older fixtures, meaning you can experience the benefits of modern high-efficiency lighting without replacing your entire system.

By installing Xtreme Duty™ T5 fluorescent preheat tubes for your business, you get premium lighting in compact tubes that are just 5/8-inch in diameter, freeing up ceiling space and reducing clutter. Our Xtrabrite™ technology produces light that is up to 42 percent brighter than standard residential fluorescents, while reflecting more accurate colors on objects and landscapes. The Extended Life Phosphors maintain brightness with less than seven percent lumen loss and no end blackening. Instead of the harsh yellow light of lesser-quality lamps, choose from cool white light for a vibrant tone or brighter, whiter light that mimics real daylight.

Our T5 programmed start linear fluorescents are guaranteed for five years of industrial or heavy commercial use – the longest such guarantee in the industry. This means less money spent on replacement bulbs and labor in addition to the lower costs of operation. With lighting up to 25 percent more efficient than T8 lamps and 80 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs, your business will be glowing for years to come. We have T5 fluorescents in multiple sizes at competitive prices to fit your fixtures. You can also call our customer representatives for help selecting the right fluorescent tubes. We are committed to helping our customers save money on better-quality lighting and are excited to do the same for you.