Premira® compact fluorescent lights from MEBULBS™ provide premium industrial and commercial lighting for smaller spaces or where flexibility is needed. Our quad 2-pin lighting for conventional magnetic ballasts and offers higher wattage capabilities than twin CFLs. Each lamp is rated to start at freezing temperatures, meaning that in addition to recessed commercial lights, they can also be used for entry lights, exit lights or emergency walkway lights. Our most powerful two-pin compact fluorescents are equivalent to 150-watt incandescent bulbs, giving you the bright coverage you need in a variety of warm white, cool white and daylight hues to set the right ambiance.

For more than 40 years, our engineers have been designing fluorescent lights that are the highest quality on the market. These industrial-quality quad 2-pin compact fluorescents are constructed at every stage to give organizations the most value for their money and address the problems of standard CFL lamps. Like with many of our industry-leading lights, we use Xtrabrite™ technologies and Extended Life Phosphors™. The result is like taking the roof off a building with light that resembles real sunlight and resists shifting over time. This light is 80 percent more efficient than ordinary lighting, so your bank account will be a lot brighter as well.

A number of features have been incorporated into these CFL lamps to give them the longest guaranteed life in the industry. A double tungsten cathode, triple-distilled mercury and superior construction sourced to the world’s top manufacturing facilities are why we confidently provide three-year warranties with our five-star Xtreme Duty™ bulbs. At up to 12 times longer life than ordinary CFLs, this means 11 fewer replacements, reducing the time and cost of labor. MEBULBS™ has quad 2-pin CFLs in multiple wattages at prices that match their quality level. Learn more about our unique lighting products and solutions by contacting one of our highly trained representatives.