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Fluorescent Accessories

There are a lot of different fluorescent lighting systems out there, and the one you currently have in your business may not be the best one for your current needs. That’s why MEBULBS™ offers a number of lamp and ballast kits, conversion kits and silver button starters for making the most out of this efficient lighting source. Each option allows industrial and commercial users to get more out of our T8 Hybrid lamps that combine Xtrabrite™ LED and fluorescent technology to give you full spectrum lighting that lasts. Designed by engineers who have been on the forefront of the industry for more than 40 years, these products are guaranteed to improve your lighting.

Our hybrid ballast kits and delamp kits are for situations where you don’t want to use 8-foot T8 fluorescent tubes, but don’t have the time or money to replace the entire fixture. By installing a retro conversion kit, you can change a two 8-foot single-pin fixture to one that holds a quartet of 4-foot F25T8, F28T8 or F32T8 lamps. A delamping kit shortens the 8-foot fixture to hold two 4-foot lamps when less light is needed. Every kit contains the electronic ballast, T8 Hybrid linear tubes and sockets or plates for installation. Both the ballast and lamps have a 20-year warranty!

If your current or converted fluorescent system uses preheat starting, you will also need a silver button starter to view its brighter, whiter light. Starters for preheat lamps are an inexpensive part that plays a valuable role, and you can add one or several onto your order. All of our fluorescent kits and accessories are made using the same premium components and construction as all our other lighting products, sourced to the world’s best manufacturing facilities that uphold the high-quality MEBULBS has stood for since 1974. We will make your fluorescent lighting system fit your unique needs while reducing overall energy consumption and labor costs.