LED Tubes - Ballast Bypass

Has the thought of replacing all of your lighting fixtures been stopping you from upgrading to LED lighting? With retrofit LED tubes from MEBULBS™, you can experience the whiter, brighter power of our energy-efficient lighting just by swapping bulbs. Unlike LED systems, fluorescent fixtures require the use a ballast to regulate current and voltage in order to reach their full output. Our ballast bypass lamps are designed to do exactly as their name would suggest, allowing you to use your existing fixtures for modern light. As an added bonus, you will no longer have to replace burned-out ballasts, saving you money on parts and labor costs.

That savings comes on top of what you get by using the most efficient lights our engineers have ever conceived. Compared to T8 fluorescent lamps, our Xtreme Duty™ LED tubes use up to 47 percent less energy with an industrial construction for better durability. Xtrabrite™ technology makes them the brightest, whitest LED lighting around for truer colors with no UV radiation to fade products and belongings. And we guarantee our industrial quality lamps for up to 10 years! We have commercial and residential lamps as well with prices that match quality level – and this quality level is as good as or better than what any big box store can offer.

MEBULBS has T8 LED retrofit lamps in a variety of sizes, wattages and color temperatures so you can find the perfect fit. You can order high-output lighting for the ultimate brightness, lower brightness bulbs for more energy savings or safety-coated light tubes that will contain fragments and parts if they ever break. Our LED bypass lighting isn’t just better because it increases brightness and lowers monthly bills – it’s better because it contains no UV light or mercury that can harm people, merchandise and the environment. Contact our representatives to learn more about how retrofit LED lamps can help your office, school, hospital, factory or home.