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Light Bulbs Incandescents PS40 620W Clear Mogul Prefocus Code Beacon Lamps 620PS40 MOGPF CB 12ML


Quality Indicator

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • PS40
  • 10 1/6 in. M.O.L.
$83.99 (USD)

PS40 incandescent bulbs are designed for use in tower lights or code beacon lights. These are the flashing lights that you see on the top of towers that warn pilots of the tower’s height. They feature five Vibrashok® filament supports, a Mica disk that protects the base from heat and a mogul prefocus base for getting the proper beam pattern. We have them available in 620 and 700 watts. These specialty lamps are guaranteed for a year.

PS40 Features and Benefits

These PS40 bulbs are designed for bridges, towers and various other municipal uses. The special construction, with Mica disk, filament supports and mogul base, make them well-suited for industrial and commercial applications. Operating at 120 volts, these lamps last longer than ordinary bulbs.

What is an Xtreme Duty™ Bulb?

At MEBULBS, we offer different lines of our quality lamps for different applications and budgets. Our Xtreme Duty line is our most elite offering. These premium bulbs are designed for heavy-duty industrial use in challenging environments. They are the highest quality light bulbs that are made for when you need the very best for your critical applications.

Discover the MEBULBS Difference

Unlike other online retailers and big box stores, MEBULBS offers different lines of lighting solutions for different budgets. Our residential line is comparable to the big box stores, only better. Our light commercial line is designed for retail facilities, offices and other types of business that require a more durable bulb that’s longer lasting. Our Xtreme Duty line is built for harsh environments and heavy usage, such as for warehouses, factories, hospitals, schools and shipping docks. We also have more than 40 years of lighting expertise which we draw upon to help you choose the best lighting products for your application.