High-quality light knows no boundaries, and with LED indoor/outdoor lighting fixtures from MEBULBS™, you can have bright, energy efficient lighting wherever you need it. Our lighting engineers put as much knowledge, dedication and passion into our fixtures as we do into our LED lamps. Together, they offer the best combination of money-saving and eco-friendly operation you’ll find for industrial or commercial use. These versatile lighting fixtures have both indoor and outdoor applications and exude the same brighter, whiter light wherever you use them. Select your preferred style above or contact our representatives for help choosing the most practical and effective solution for your business.

We have a broad line of LED fixtures designed to work in a variety of conditions. Our Xtreme Duty™ canopy and ceiling fixtures have a number of potential uses. In addition to parking lots and garages, they can be used for underpasses, loading docks and other places where you need durable fixtures that resist vandalism. LED mini wall packs are a small but powerful way to light up doorways for visibility or to add security lighting for walkways and lobbies. And car washes, shipyards or storage areas are the perfect place for our vapor tight fixtures, which are made to handle wet conditions.

Each durable fixture uses the dazzling LED lighting that MEBULBS is known for and are designed to maximize their performance. These dimmable lights use up to 47 percent less energy than fluorescent tubes and are guaranteed to provide a brighter, whiter light for up to 50,000 hours of use. The optical lenses are made of tough but light polycarbonate that resists heat, UV rays, shattering and corrosion. Furthermore, they can be operated at temperatures anywhere from -20 to over 100 degrees, making them the preferred option for nearly any climate. Trust a name that has been leading the industry in energy-efficient lighting for more than 40 years by order your indoor/outdoor lighting from MEBULBS.