Channel LED lighting from MEBULBS™ is the brighter, whiter way to enjoy precise lighting when space is tight. Our channel lamps can be used for cabinets, ceilings, walls, stages and even floors whenever you need strip lighting or task lighting. If you’re still using fluorescent lights for your channels, you’re liable to be experiencing short bulb life, high light loss due to end blackening, flickering and fabric fading due to UV radiation. We have been working to design and develop more efficient lighting for more than four decades, and our retrofit LED channel lights make it a snap to convert to lights that burn brighter and last longer.

Our retrofit LED channel light bars have a unique design for ease of installation and use. Most light tubes are tricky to align and position, but our 1-foot by 4-foot lamps use powerful rare earth magnets to help you get them in place. These magnets can hold up to 32 pounds each, and when secured with the four self-tapping screws, your lights will have a stable and exact fit. Even better, you can use our connectors to daisy-chain them together, bring a new simplicity to modular LED lighting. Wire up to 18 32-watt bulbs or 12 45-watt bulbs together using snap-in connections for aesthetically-pleasing lighting that covers a localized area to meet your needs.

Xtreme Duty™ LED magnetic channel lights are guaranteed for 10 years or 85,000 hours of use, meaning you don’t have to replace them over and over. And they use as little as half the energy of your old fluorescents while producing a more natural light that starts bright and stays bright. Connectable LED lamps include everything in the box to convert a fluorescent fixture to a LED fixture and install in minutes. You can order industrial quality or commercial duty four-foot LED lighting depending on your usage and budget. They will pay for themselves in energy savings within two years and last much longer!