Funeral Home 3-Way Lamps

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Light Bulbs Incandescents Funeral Home 3-Way Lamps 100 200 300W Replacement Blue Neck 3-Contact Mogul 300PS25 3MG 12MW


Quality Indicator

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Annual Savings 39.95
  • Equivalent to 100/200/300
  • PS25
  • 6 15/16 in. M.O.L.
$31.48 (USD)

Designed for funeral homes and mortuaries to provide enhanced color for a more natural hue, these funeral home 3-way lamps are from the MEBULBS™ Xtreme Duty™ incandescent line. Our 100/200/300-watt colored neck lamps are perfect for viewing in funeral homes, as they present people in the best possible light. They feature a standard 3-contact mogul base. These special mortuary light bulbs have been used for many years, and they’re most commonly seen through the funeral home’s viewing area. Specifically, they’re placed in floor lamps at the ends of caskets during viewing. While more advanced light sources such as LEDs have become available, these 3-way funeral home lights are steeped in tradition and continue to be popular. These funeral home lamps are guaranteed for one year.

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