Plug-In CFL'S

Reduce energy use while basking in a brighter, whiter light with plug-in compact fluorescents from MEBULBS™! Our engineers design the highest quality and most efficient compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) in the industry, and source the best components and facilities to make their designs into reality. Standard CFLs last as little as three months while emitting a dim, yellow light that can cause eyestrain. But with our plug-in fluorescent lighting, you can experience guaranteed long life and more natural light. We have a large selection of two-pin, four-pin and four-pin inline CFLs for use in everything from home pendant lighting to retail mood lighting for when you need more light that lasts.

MEBULBS is known for producing industrial quality light bulbs without an industrial-sized price tag. Our Xtreme Duty™ compact fluorescent lighting uses Xtrabrite™ phosphors to produce light that is up 61 percent bright than an ordinary CFL, while also looking more natural. It’s like taking off the roof and letting the sun in! Extended Life Phosphors™ reduce the color shifting that can occur in lesser bulbs, while their premium construction means they have less environmental impact. Xtreme Duty CFLs come with a 36-month warranty – 12 times longer than an ordinary bulb’s lifespan. We have residential quality lamps as well that rival box stores with prices to meet every budget.

Choose from a number of styles, wattages and base sizes to fit your fixture and space. You can find 42-watt triple four-pins, 13-watt twin two-pins, 55-watt high lumen twin inlines and everything in between. Color temperatures range from cozy 3000K warm white up to crisp 5000K daylight that really captures the brighter, whiter brilliance MEBULBS is known for. And if you’re not sure what is best for your home or business, receiving expert assistance is as easy as contacting one of our representatives. We have been providing plug-in fluorescent lighting solutions for more than two decades and will work to meet your unique situation.

Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent, and HID lamps contain mercury as part of their operational design, required to create light.

Some lamps are TCLP-compliant.  Dispose according to local, state, or federal laws.