T8 Bipin

Find the most efficient T8 bipin light bulbs available in North American by shopping at MEBULBS™! The T8 is the standard in fluorescent lighting, offering improved color characteristics and better efficacy compared to older models. Our engineers have advanced fluorescent lights even further with the use of Xtrabrite™ and Vitalux™ technologies for a more natural light with the longest guaranteed life in the industry. We carry a complete line of T8 bipin fluorescent lamps for use in office cubicles, dental clinics, factories, apartment complexes and everywhere else that needs premium quality light. From Xtreme Duty™ industrial Hybrid™ lamps to residential lights that outshine box store options, we have something that’s right for you.

Our Hybrid T8 bipin linear tubes contain the best lighting components and technologies you will find. The use of balanced spectrum Xtrabrite LED phosphors makes them up to 57 percent brighter than typical residential fluorescents while fading less over time. With warranties of up to 15 years, you don’t have to worry about replacing them every few months. They also contain 70 percent less mercury than ordinary fluorescents, making them safer and more environmentally-friendly. Some of our lamps come in energy saver models designed to make your monthly bill even smaller. And with lumen loss of less than five percent, they’ll be nearly as bright in year 15 as they were in year one.

Four-foot linear fluorescent tubes are available in a variety of wattages that are up to 80 percent more efficient than their incandescent equivalent. MEBULBS has a number of color temperatures in stock as well, from our 3000K warm color for ambient lighting up to 6500K “blue lighting” that almost perfectly matches a sunny day. Select your watts and color temperature above to find options and prices that cover the entire spectrum. We are as committed to great customer service as we are to great lighting products, and anytime you need assistance, you can call or email our representatives to learn more about our selection of T8 bipin fluorescents.