Single Ended

MEBULBS™ has a great selection of single-ended halogen bulbs for when you require powerful bright light. Halogen lights are popular in a variety of commercial and residential settings, including stadiums, theaters, photography studios and chandeliers. We have double-contact bayonet and mini-candelabra base lamps that can be used in indoor or outdoor fixtures and function like traditional bulbs. Whether you need 100-watt halogens or intense 500-watt halogens, you can get them here at a competitive price. Each one has been manufactured to specifications set by our expert lighting designers. By holding our halogens to a higher standard, customers receive better quality light that costs less to use.

The power packed in a halogen light bulb requires premium design and construction to get the most out of them without burning out quickly. We have developed Maxlight™ and Multi-Watt® technology that is used in all our tubular halogens to improve brightness and longevity. A pure halogen gas fill provides more burning consistency without wasting energy. The single-coil tungsten filament resists electrical surges and is more durable than a traditional segmented filament. And all our single-ended halogens have a minimum of four Vibra-Shok™ filament supports. By being less prone to breakages and impurities, these halogens last 12 times longer than regular bulbs, saving you 11 changes along the way.

Even the most efficient halogen lamps are known for producing large amounts of heat. But by incorporating a quartz glass envelope and ceramic ends, our bulbs will stand up to these temperatures without shattering or breaking down. These lights are dimmable as well, so you can set the right level of brightness on your sconce, chandelier or wall-mount light. If you’re unsure which base type or wattage is best for your needs, our representatives will be glad to assist you. We have been solving industrial lighting problems and saving people money since 1974, and have the right single-ended halogens in stock at the right price for your budget.