T12 Bipin

Think that T12 fluorescents are no better than an incandescent bulb? Then you haven’t felt the glow of T12 bipin lamps from MEBULBS™! Although many buildings have switched over to T8 or T5 bulbs, we know there are plenty of people with T12 fixtures, and they deserve the same bright and efficient light as everyone else. Unlike many lighting companies, we still have T12 fluorescents – and our designers have redefined what is possible with this older generation of illumination. We carry a complete line of four-foot replacement bipin lamps from F15T12’s up through F40T12’s that use our latest technologies for the most modern lighting available.

Older T12 residential lamps deserve their reputation, with short lifespans, end blackening, high mercury content and a yellowish glare of a light. But MEBULBS Xtreme Duty™ T12 bipins are nothing like their forefathers. Each one contains ELP™ Extended Life Phosphors that start brighter and stay brighter – up to 69 percent brighter than older style fluorescents. A cathode shield prevents end blackening and maintains 95 percent brightness. And they contain 70 percent less mercury than the average fluorescent! We have lights ranging from warm decorative colors to bright colors that mimic daylight. Specialty colors are available as well. Our representatives will help you find the right shade for your living room, warehouse or eye clinic.

For a brighter, whiter light, select a T12 bipin that uses our Xtrabrite™ or Vitalux™ technologies. These lamps more closely resemble the natural light spectrum for improved clarity, reduced eyestrain and true color display. Each of our lamps, from industrial construction down to residential, has the guaranteed longest life for its quality level. In fact, five-star Xtreme Duty T12 lights come with a 10-year warranty. That’s up to 20 times longer than ordinary residential lamps – meaning 19 fewer bulb changes. Spend less time on a ladder and more time enjoying the premium light that costs less to operate.