The landscape of lighting is undergoing a significant transformation in the United States as the government takes a bold step towards energy efficiency with regulations put in place as part of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

MEBULBS Screw-In Shoebox Bypass lamps can reduce energy usage up to 69% while providing a brighter, whiter light, INSTANTLY.

MEBULBS announces a new line of Designer Full Cutoff Wallpacks with an unobtrusive design that will fit many different architecture styles.

Shipping costs have been climbing, especially for products longer than 4’ long. Our fixture conversion options will make your existing fixtures more cost efficient.

Eliminate slow starting, flickering CFL's using our line of Direct Install or Ballast Bypass LED lamps. Replace CFL flood lamps with our LED Direct Install lamps. For CFL recessed canisters, check out our horizontal mount LED lamps.

The latest LED Fixture MEBULBS has made available provides a wide range of flexibility. Choose from 30, 35 or 40 watts and 3500k, 4100K or 5000K. The wrap around diffuser provides a wide spread of light, which is ideal for areas with low ceilings.

Our new Stealth LED Full Cutoff Wallpack is designed to push light down to light up the perimeter of a building. This reduces light trespass onto neighboring properties while still providing security lighting.

Are your fluorescent tubes showing signs of blackening on one end? The odds are your ballast is starting to fail.

Selectable color range tailor fits LED Fixture to desired environment.

These Medium and Large Wallpacks will provide you with dependable and powerful outdoor lighting.