T5HO & T5 Mini Bi-Pin

When you work in a precision industry where both speed and accuracy are critical, you need lights that provide the best visibility and clarity. You’ll receive both with the guaranteed longest life when you shop at MEBULBS™ for T5HO fluorescents and T5 mini bipin lamps. The T5 is the latest and most efficient fluorescent bulbs, designed to emit bright light in buildings with ceilings higher than 12 feet. Our lighting engineers have gone beyond the accepted norm with industrial construction T5 bipins that will illuminate your factory, warehouse, greenhouse or machine shop for years at a time. Each one is manufactured to our specifications for superior light that saves users money.

Don’t settle for just any T5 high output lamp when success depends on sight. Our five-star Xtreme Duty™ T5HO bipins are built to function best in the high temperatures and wide-open spaces of industrial buildings. We use Xtrabrite™ technology for a light that is up to 42 percent brighter than other high output fluorescents, with a whiter glow for more accurate colors. A tin oxide coating makes the glass more resistant to breakage, and the bulbs come with a seven-year warranty. T5 miniature bipin lamps are no slouch either, with a premium quality design and more natural light color. You’ll never again have to worry about dim, yellow light or end blackening.

If your budget is tight or you aren’t using your lights around the clock, you can still find T5 fluorescent lamps that are a good fit. We have multiple levels of industrial quality bulbs on down to residential quality lights that will outperform what you can find at the nearest box store. And you won’t get the personal service and engineering assistance at a box store that you get from our trained representatives. We have been assisting customers from all walks of life in finding both premium and non-premium replacement lighting for more than 40 years. Give us a call today toll-free to see what we can do for you!