LED Tubes - Directly Replace Fluorescent

Stay at the forefront of efficient, eco-friendly light with industry-leading LED tube lighting from MEBULBS™. We have been committed to designing the best light bulbs for industrial, commercial and residential use for more than 40 years, so it’s only natural that our engineers find a focus on LED bulbs. This modern lighting source is more efficient than even advanced fluorescent bulbs while lasting up to five times longer, saving you money while reducing time and labor spent on replacing them. Our tube light replacements are designed to fit into T8 fluorescent lighting fixtures as-is with no LED retrofitting needed, meaning you can quickly switch to the highest-quality light found anywhere.

Fluorescent light bulbs are common for factories, manufacturing plants, office buildings, hospitals and other light-intensive locations, but they have several known drawbacks. They require a warm-up period, and switching them on and off frequently shortens their lifespan. Furthermore, broken fluorescent bulbs can release harmful mercury. LED replacement fluorescent lighting solves these problems and then some. Our plug-and-play T8 bulbs, UBend lamps and 8’ single pin lamps turn on and off instantaneously and contain no mercury whatsoever. Industrial quality LED tube lighting uses Xtrabrite technology to give you a whiter, brighter light that more resembles natural light. They also don’t emit any UV light, meaning you can use them for stores and art displays without worrying about color fade.  All our LED tubes start down to 0º F making them ideal for cold environments such as garages, warehouses, or coolers.

Our Xtreme Duty™ lamps come with a written guarantee of up to 12 years – but they have been known to last longer, even in high-use conditions. We have commercial and residential quality replacement fluorescent lighting as well with prices that match. Considering LED tube lamps emit less heat, cost less to operate and are better for the environment than any other light source commercially available, there’s really no reason not to have them in your business or home. MEBULBS is dedicated to great service as well as great lights, and a sales representative will be happy to assist you. Contact us today to learn more!