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Fluorescent T8 Ballast 1 or 2 Lamps F96 Instant Start 259IE 120-277 10THD 30 YR

Quality Indicator

  • 50 Year Warranty
  • Annual Savings 69.38
  • Equivalent to 173
  • 120 OR 277 VOLTS
  • 3% Reward $
$79.64 (USD)

Additional Info

  • Designed for power and performance, the XtremeDuty™ T8 2591E Electronic Ballast from MEBULBS offers an easy way to upgrade your fluorescent lighting system. Replace an aged or worn out ballast with a 2591E Electronic Ballast or add one to a new fixture to use less energy without sacrificing performance. Fast and reliable XtremeDuty™ T8 2591E Electronic Ballasts help direct and control the flow of energy to the lamps, ensuring they have just the right amount of power to burn brightly and efficiently. On average, users that switch to XtremeDuty™ T8 2591E Electronic Ballasts see a $69.38 reduction in annual energy costs. XtremeDuty™ T8 2591E Electronic Ballasts come with a 30-year warranty for peace of mind. They can be installed in new lighting fixtures or they can be used as upgrade items for existing fixtures. Maximize energy savings while improving performance and prolonging the life of your fluorescent tubes by installing an XtremeDuty™ T8 2591E Electronic Ballast.
  • 259IE/MV/10/50 (BES762 HEAVY DUTY)