LED Dusk-to-Dawn 35/50/65W Yardlight 3000K/4000K/5000K 120-277V with built-in photocontrol 7YR Xtreme Duty

Quality Indicator

  • Dusk-to-Dawn LED 35/50/65w fixture replaces 100w up to 250w Mercury Vapor or Metal Halide. Includes built-in photocell and wall-mount/pole-mount bracket. Extender mounting arm sold separately.
  • 120-277v.
  • 4375-8125 Lumens
  • Instant-On (no warm-up time required).
  • Energy Efficient long-life design.
  • Availability ETA 7/14/21.
  • 12.6L x 9.1W x 4.4H 9.1Dia
  • DLC MODEL # = SSDTD-35/50/65W-30/40/50K-MV
$189.47 (USD)

Spec Sheet

  • 35/50/65W D2D YARD SPEC-SELECT/120-277V 7YR
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