High Intensity Discharge

Sometimes the most important factor for your lighting system is just to have as much light as possible. Whether you’re lighting an indoor warehouse or an outdoor gas pump, visibility goes a long way towards creating a safe, secure environment. When you just need to see, especially in large spaces, high-intensity discharge lamps from MEBULBS™ will light things up. We carry a complete line of metal halide bulbs, including traditional and pulse start options, along with high-pressure sodium and mercury vapor lighting. You can also find HPS/metal halide retrofit lamps. Our representatives will educate you about the pros and cons of each option to determine which is best for your situation.

Each of our HID lamps is manufactured to our specifications based on the designs of engineers who live to create better lighting. Xtreme Duty™ metal halide bulbs have an industrial-level construction with a precision blend of gases for a crisp white light and a more consistent, stable color. And unlike standard lamps that burn out in as little as six months, our metal halides are guaranteed for 50 months of operation. Our high-pressure sodium lamps last up to twice as long and contain double arc tubes that will instantly restart if your system is shut off. If mercury vapor lights are what you need, then choose our rugged bulbs with special quartz arc tubes that minimize light depreciation and withstand high operating temperatures.

MEBULBS has high-intensity discharge lights from industrial to residential quality with prices that match their quality level. And while aesthetics are often considered secondary for HIDs, we are dedicated to producing the same brighter, whiter light as in all our products. Stock up today on an energy-efficient solution for gymnasiums, movie theaters, baseball fields, parking lots, large retail stores and other places where darkness just won’t do. Our cutting-edge bulbs will save you money on operating and replacement costs while emitting premium light to keep customers and passerby safe and happy.

Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent, and HID lamps contain mercury as part of their operational design, required to create light.

Some lamps are TCLP-compliant.  Dispose according to local, state, or federal laws.