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Light Bulbs Incandescents BR30 65W REPLACEMENT Flood medium 65BR30 FL 24MW (HRF83 HEAVY DUTY)

Quality Indicator

  • 65 Watts
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Annual Savings 8.41
  • Equivalent to 65W
  • BR30
  • 5 3/16 in. M.O.L.
  • 5% Reward $
$13.76 (USD)

Additional Info

  • For the best lighting solution for your home or business, choose Xtreme Duty™ 65BR30 Heavy-Duty Flood Lamps from MEBULBS. The lamps are super-efficient and use significantly less energy than standard flood lamps for an annual energy savings of up to $8.41. Designed to be more durable and longer-lasting than standard big box store bulbs, these flood lamps are made using extended-life filaments to last longer. The bulbs will need changing less often, saving you time and money. Upgrade your lighting experience by switching to Xtreme Duty™ 65BR30 Heavy-Duty Flood Lamps from MEBULBS. The bulbs are priced right for residential users and are equivalent to a standard 65W flood lamp. The medium base bulbs fit in standard light fixtures and are easy to install. Just twist them in place and hit the switch to flood your home with light.
  • 65BR30/FL/24MW (HRF83 HEAVY DUTY)
  • Not eligible for shipping to the following states: CA