Light Bulbs Fluorescent Tubes Linear T8 Bipin F32T8 5700K VITALUX XB PLUS - XD5 15YR

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  • COLOR: VITALUX Xtrabrite Plus 5700K
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Xtreme Duty Hybrid 15 year  I  Hybrid Vitalux Brighter and Whiter

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  • Commercial and industrial users will love the F32T8 5700K Vitalux XB Plus Xtreme Duty™ fluorescent tube from MEBULBS. The 48-inch long lightbulb features a user-friendly medium bipin base that's easy to install in your existing fixtures. The bulb is made using a special type of phosphors, which delivers up to 95 percent lumen maintenance when used as recommended. That means that in most situations, these bulbs will stay brighter for a longer period than standard fluorescent tubes. Spend less time on maintenance and more time focusing on your business by switching to F32T8 Vitalux XB Plus Xtreme Duty™ fluorescent tubes from MEBULBS. Please note that the F32T8 Xtreme Duty™ Vitalux XB Plus tube is designed for use in indoor areas. It should not be used in spaces where temperatures drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit or in F40T12 or F34T12 ballasts. The bulbs are TCLP-compliant and have a low-mercury composition.
  • F32T8/VLX+8857TC/15YR