Light Bulbs Incandescents BR30 65W REPLACEMENT Shatterguard Coated medium 65R30 FL SG 12MW

Quality Indicator

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Annual Savings 8.41
  • Equivalent to 65
  • BR30
  • 5 3/16 in. M.O.L.
  • 4% Reward $
$19.78 (USD)

Additional Info

  • Boost safety and efficiency by ordering an Xtreme Duty™ Multi-Watt Safety-Coat 65R30 Frost Flood Lamp from MEBULBS. The lamp is coated with a special material that prevents it from shattering and causing a potential hazard. This added safety feature makes the bulb a great choice for schools, hospitals and similar environments. A standard medium base means the flood light fits easily into most existing fixtures, offering a quick upgrade option. In addition to being shatterproof, the lamp is also super-efficient. The Xtreme Duty™ line of lamps are designed using high-quality materials that outlast standard lamps and deliver brighter, whiter light where you need it the most. The Xtreme Duty™ Multi-Watt Safety-Coat Frost Flood Lamp is designed to cast a soft light while being extra efficient and saving up to $8.41 in annual energy costs.
  • 65R30/FL/SG/12MW

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