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Light Bulbs Incandescents PS25 200W REPLACEMENT Teflon Coated medium 200PS25 MW TEF 12MW

Quality Indicator

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Annual Savings 14.71
  • Equivalent to 200
  • PS25
  • 6 15/16 in. M.O.L.
  • 4% Reward $
$19.81 (USD)

Additional Info

  • For the best safety and security, choose Xtreme Duty™ Multi-Watt Teflon-Coated 200PS25 Frost Light Bulbs from MEBULBS. The heavy-duty bulbs are coated with a thin layer of Teflon for heat and shatter resistance. The Teflon coating offers thermal shock resistance, preventing breakage if the bulb is subjected to liquids, rain or snow. This extra layer of protection delivers superior performance in outdoor applications where bulbs may be subjected to the elements. Xtreme Duty™ Multi-Watt Teflon-Coated 200PS25 Frost Light Bulbs are equivalent to a standard 200W bulb, but are super-efficient, using up to $14.71 less energy per year. The bulbs come backed with a one-year warranty and have a frost color for a soft, gentle light. Ideal for use in residential or commercial settings, the bulbs have a medium base that's compatible with most standard light fixtures.
  • 200PS25/MW/TEF/12MW