LED SPEC-SELECT™ Flood Light Fixture 50/40/30K 30/50/60W 120-277V Xtreme Duty 7Yr

  • COLOR: SPEC-SELECT™ 5000/4000/3000K
  • APPEARANCE: Bright White/Cool White/Warm White
  • Annual Savings 117.73
  • Equivalent to 150W MH
  • 5075 / 7250 / 8700 Lumens
  • 120-277V
  • Corrosion resistant die-cast housing IP65 rated as "dust and water tight"
  • 7.9L x 2.1W x 9.1H
$140.55 (USD)

Spec Sheet

  • One fixture, multiple solutions! Introducing the SPEC-SELECT™ Flood Light Fixture, a highly versatile outdoor lighting solution designed for various applications. With user adjustable wattage and color temperature, this fixture offers you complete control over the lighting output, eliminating the need for additional fixtures or re-installation. Equipped with an integrated photocell with an On/Off switch, it ensures effortless operation and enhanced energy efficiency. The corrosion-resistant die-cast housing with a durable powder paint coat provides excellent protection against outdoor elements, ensuring longevity and reliability. Its compact design and adjustable angle allow for convenient installation and precise lighting placement. The SPEC-SELECT™ Flood Light Fixture finds its application in a wide range of scenarios, including wall washing, landscaping lighting, outdoor advertising, and parking lots. Its sealed lens and weatherproof housing make it suitable for outdoor use, capable of withstanding challenging weather conditions. Offering exceptional versatility, durability, and performance, this flood light fixture serves as a long-lasting alternative to traditional metal halide fixtures, making it an excellent lighting solution for any outdoor environment.
  • 35/50/60W MINIFLOOD 1/2IN NPT/SPEC SELECT/120-277V


3 Selectable Wattages (30W, 50W, AND 60W)

3 Selectable Colors (5000K, 4000K, AND 3000K)